Limelight music video Like A Prayer (Vocal Club Edit)

There are multiple artists with the name “Limelight”. 1. - Limelight formed in spring of 2001 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Till 2004 it was a studio IDM project. The first members were Chookson and Romario Olive. After the first tracks SEA and KARMA of the future album «Day for Night» were ready, it took them three months to finish the album. «Day for Night» was released at Petrodisk records in Saint-Petersburg in the same 2001. Disk was released again in half a year. While recording of the second album in 2002, guitarist Mike IFF joined the band. After that album «Music is Waves» was released at KDK Records. The second edition of the disc was at the end of 2003. In 2004 singer Gleb Sparrow was invited to join the band. He sang «Every Step That I Make» for the 3rd album recorded at Music Mag and released at Resistance Music Records. The song became their first single - it is played by DJ Negative (MSK), DJ Void (SPB), DJ Under_Deck (SPB), DJ Voron (SPB)… in their club sets. The 4th album Gleb Sparrow was first presented on 24 Sept 2006 at Red Club (Saint-Petersburg). Big attention was paid to vocal compositions in English. The disc included songs performed during live gigs for last 2 years. Limelight regularly can be seen on stage at Red Club and other famous places of Saint-Petersburg. The band was officially invited to open up for Melotron {Germany}, Beborn Beton {Germany} and Mesh (UK). Some time ago musicians Vladimir Z and Michael VS joined The Limelight. 2. - An NWOBHM band from Mansfield, who consisted of bassist and vocalist Mike Scrimshaw, guitarist Glenn Scrimshaw, and drummer Pat Coleman. They released two LPs: The eponymous Limelight in 1980 and Ashes to Ashes in 1984. The band reformed to play on the live circuit in 1997. Along with the Scrimshaws, Limelight now consisted of keyboard player Clive Jackson, guitarist Trevor Wilson and drummer Ian Beestin. 3. - A hard trance collaboration between Pete Namlook and DJ Criss.