Zoser music video Southside

Danish heavy rock band Zoser Mez was a short-lived enterprise made notable by the involvement of original Mercyful Fate legends Hank Shermann and Michael Denner on guitars. Formed in the early '90s ( long after Shermann's first post-MF project, the simply named Fate, had collapsed, and not quite as long after Denner had concluded his own lengthy association with King Diamond's solo band ) Zoser Mez featured a loose lineup also featuring vocalists Kenny Lübcke, Yenz Cheyenne (aka Jens Arnsted, an original member of pre-Mercyful Fate band Brats), the enigmatic Berthel, bassist Claus Weiergang, and drummers Kim Hagemann and future Mercyful Fate member Bjarne T. Holm. See a pattern here? Anyway, 1991's Vizier of Wasteland ultimately proved to be Zoser Mez's first and last album, and was steeped in its members influences in 1970s hard rock. And, coincidental to their renewed collaboration or not, Shermann and Denner soon found themselves resurrecting Mercyful Fate with old chum King Diamond in 1993, spelling the end of Zoser Mez. Curiously, Kenny Lübcke later won the 1992 Danish division of the European Song Contest, going on to become a permanent choir member with the show's production.